You can learn about digital marketing and AdWords from various resources. There are books and blogs that contain lots of information on this topic. Here are some of the books you can read.

Optimizing AdWords – by Paige Miller

This book is ideal for marketers who want to learn about Google AdWords and SEO. You will find an overview of AdWords and learn how to advertise your products or services.


AdWords for Digital Marketing Ninjas –by Saurabh Choudhary

This book will teach you the features and functionalities of AdWords. You will get lots of tips and tactics to start a PPC campaign. There are lots of screenshots in the book, giving you a hands-on education on AdWords.


Advanced Google AdWords, Second Edition – by Brad Geddes

By reading this book you will be able to master all the aspects of Google AdWords. You will learn new tricks that you can apply to your marketing campaign. This is a good book for the busy marketers, web developers, and consultants who can get a step-by-step guide about AdWords.
These books will help you to know in detail about Adwords. You will be able to start your own digital marketing campaign and improve the performance of your business.