3 things you probably didn’t know about AdWords

Google AdWords is a very popular digital marketing strategy. Most businesses are using it to improve customer base. You might have studied a lot about AdWords before starting your marketing campaign. But there are some things you probably didn’t know about AdWords.


1. Your account will be managed for free for up to three months

Google provides free management service to the new clients for three months. So, you can enjoy this free ride and get lots of help to start your campaign. You can actually take it as your learning journey and know whatever you can about AdWords.


2. Not all features are appropriate for you

The AdWords offer various features. However, not all the features are appropriate for you. For example, if your target is the mobile traffic, then desktop clicks won’t bother you. So, you shouldn’t have sitelinks extensions.


Add extensions can give you more lead

Ad extensions provide extra information about the address and phone number. This additional information can get you more leads. So, you should include these in your AdWords campaign.

AdWords is a very effective marketing strategy for your business. Unlike the other digital marketing strategies, it can get you more lead and so increase the conversion rate. These things just discussed are unknown to many people. You must gain more knowledge in this field before actually launching your AdWords campaign.